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Our approach to rescue & Pet Care is at its core fundamentally different than conventional methods. Bluetails is a non-profit, volunteer, foster based animal rescue organization, but unlike other groups we receive the majority of our funding through providing  Pet Care Services throughout the Greater New Orleans area. However, like other rescue organizations, we do graciously accept donations.

We Bring the best of both worlds together. Many pets today are adopted from shelters and rescue organizations. What better way to complete the circle,and have your pet pampered and cared for by us, which gives a second chance to another needy, unwanted animal.  By providing Pet Care Services, that we truly enjoy doing, we in turn fund a a mission we are passionate about... Rescue.

What makes us Different?

We GIVE back! Caring for your pet isn't just a job for us, it's so much more. The welfare of animals, be it your pets, or the stray running down the street, is our BUSINESS  & our MISSION.

More to come.... Check back soon!!

Our Approach is Simple...