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The Pet Professionals

Rhonda's love of Animals began as a child, while helping her mom at work as a groomer. At 14, Rhonda got a German Shepherd puppy and named him Destin, after her favorite place Destin, Fla. They were inseparable and did everything together. She started working with a professional trainer, and over they next six years, she trained Destin as a personal protection dog and tracker. They were even featured in the newspaper! Destin passed away at the age of 12 with Rhonda by his side. Even though her training days are over, she still gets rush whenever she hears a working dog ready to work.

Rhonda, and her husband of 19 years, and their three children, all share a love of animals. They share their home with a rabbit, turtles, fish, ferret, 4 cats and 9 dogs!!Its truly a family affair.

Rhonda started fostering for her local shelter 5 years ago and was hooked. During one of her visits to the shelter,  she came across a severely matted dog and took him home and groomed him. When she returned him to the shelter she learned that many dogs came into the shelter dirty and matted and that many people could not afford to groom their pets.  That was the beginning of her own grooming business, which she provides at affordable prices, so that those in need can afford it. She also groom strays and Bluetails rescue dogs FREE of charge, this is a huge help n getting our dogs looking their best and on their way to forever homes. Rhonda's generous heart has left a mark on many dogs... and many more to come. If you would like to support Bluetails and have your dog groomed by Rhonda, please contact her @  504-609-8659

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Rhonda C. pictured with her family & pets