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This list is meant to serve as a general outline of our Adoption Process. It is not intended to cover every instance or exception that may occur. Some process may occur out of order or simultaneously, such as the Meet & Greet and Home Check. Completion of process does not constitute approval. Final approval is at the discretion of Bluetails and/or its representative and is based on suitability.

3.) Home & Vet Check


6.) Follow Up

Adoption Application

Meet & Greet

5.) Finalize Adoption

Adoption Process @ Bluetails

4.) Trial Period

After countless hours of searching, you have finally found a pair of eyes staring back at you that just absolutely melts your heart. Everyone has agreed to bringing a pet into the family and has discussed the responsibility and lifetime commitment that comes with a new family member. Now it's time to complete the ADOPTION APPLICATION. It's important to completely and accurately fill out the application to ensure that your family, the environment and the pet are compatible.

Your Adoption Application has been approved! Now comes the day you finally get to meet your potential pet. The MEET & GREET should include everyone in the family, including other pets. This is a very exciting moment.