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6.) Adoption Contract

The final step is theADOPTION CONTRACT. This contract names you as the owner of the pet and allows us to transfer medical records of the pet to you. This contract is not executed until completion of trial period.

Our next step is a HOME EVALUATION CHECK. Our priority in placing pets is to ensure the home environment is conducive for this particular pets to thrive and be happy. Not all pets are suited to every environment.

 Foster Application

Adoption & Rescue Forms

Surrender Form

One of the top reasons people surrender their pets is that pets are not allowed in their rental home or apartment. In an attempt to avoid any pets potentially being surrendered we require consent from your landlord if you do not own your own home. Please refer to our LANDLORD CONSENT FORM to see we require.

4.) Home  Evaluation Checklist

3.) Landlord  Consent Form

You will need to enter the transaction ID number onto your application.

(found on the receipt.)

In some cases surrendering your pet to a rescue is on only option for a family owned pet. If BLUETAILS agrees to accept your pet into our rescue, this form transfers ownership and provides helpful information regarding your pet. The Pet Evaluation form is also required.

 Pet Evaluation

The 2nd step is a VET REFERENCE CHECK We believe that every pet deserves to receive at the minimum, basic vetting and preventative care.We require that all current or recent pets have a consistent history of vaccinations and heart-worm preventative.

Not ready to Adopt, consider fostering. Fostering a cat or dog for us allows us to rescue MORE deserving animals. Please consider opening your home for one of our pets! Please find our FOSTER APPLICATION here!

All of our pets are fully vetted prior to adoption. Here is an average breakdown of costs for EACH pet.  This does not include extraordinary costs.

The 5th step is a PRE ADOPTION AGREEMENT and is completed at the beginning of your TRIAL PERIOD and gives general tips on how to properly introduce your pet into your home.

5.) Pre - Adoption Agreement

1.) Adoption Application

 Vetting List & Costs

The 1st step in the adoption process is completing anONLINE ADOPTION APPLICATION. This allows us to ensure proper placement of our adoptable pets.

There is a $10.00 non-refundable application fee. Your application will not be processed until payment is received.

2.) Vet Reference Check

Completing an application and/or paying the application does not guarantee final adoption approval. BLUETAILS reserves the right to deny any applications that we deem unfit or unsuitable for the animal.